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If you have heard about the cashflow club and its benefits, you might be thinking from all the perspectives. If you want more information on a cashflow club such as what it is and why you need one, you can go through the following article. This article will offer you all the required information and cashflow club online / home cashflow club reviews criterias. In addition, you will come to know how to start a 101 cashflow club in Perth.

What a cashflow club is

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What is a cashflow club (Wikipedia teaches)? How will it help to refine your skill? Can you start it on your own in Perth? Cashflow 101 boardgame is an educational game designed to teach investors some concepts including finance, accounting, and investing. The cashflow 101 boardgme is created by the famous “Rich Dad Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki. The book is one of the best-selling personal finance books of all times. It has been in the New York Times Best Seller list for around ten years. Besides, the book is translated into thirty languages.

The author of this bestselling book Robert Kiyosaki has designed the cashflow game to help the investors with financial knowledge and to sharpen their decision-making ability. You can say that it is an educational game that can help to improve your thinking ability in a free environment.

What if you would start your own club?

We all are in the different professions. We are earning depending on our ability, experience, and knowledge. We can say that we are in the rat race to achieve more. The goal of this board game is to help the people to come out of that rat race by accumulating more passive money to meet your extra expenditure.

You can do that by focusing both on the small and large deals. It can be like investing in the stock market, starting a small business, or buying multi-units. If the market condition is favorable, you can earn more from your investment. You can also expect adverse conditions.

But when the passive income will exceed your expenses, you can enter to the second phase, called “Fast Track”. You will find this phase more inspiring as it will comprise dreams. These are the really big deals and can help you to earn much more. To win this phase, you will have to either land on your dream or you can accumulate $50,000/month as cashflow. The concept is unique and innovative. You will love it. At the same time, it will help to hone your financial skill.

The goal of a Cashflow 101 club

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It is an educational board game. It is designed to help the people with the financial knowledge. It can be useful for any including the kids and investors. The game teaches finances, investing, and accounting. It offers wealth-creating knowledge that the creator, Robert Kiyosaki, has learned from his rich father.

The main goal of this game is to help the players to recognize the opportunities to make wealth on a day to day life. The best part of this game is that it is easy to play. You will have a lot of fun. Many players have also revealed that they have applied these principles in their lives to earn more and to get the financial freedom. The game is not thought for a specific business. Anyone can play it to take the right decision on investments.

If you are interested to play this game and you want to enjoy it most, you can play it with a group of like-minded people. When all of you will play with the same dream, you can expect a better result. You will not find the game more satisfying if you play it with your family and friends if they do not share the same financial dreams. Cashflow game club will help you finding the right people that want escaping from the rat race too.

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Things to discover in this game:

  • It will develop your strategic skill and hone your financial intelligence.
  • You will be able to better manage your monthly income statement and can make your money to work harder for your benefits.
  • It will improve your mental ability and help you to think smart and to grow rich.
  • You will learn to differentiate between assets and liabilities.
  • You will be able to recognize the opportunities around you.
  • It will enable you to focus more on the passive income instead of completely relying on the earned income.
  • You will be able to understand the stock market and to invest wisely.
  • You will come to know how to capitalize the opportunities by using other people’s money, skill, and time to become wealthy and rich.

How to start a cashflow club in Perth

The cashflow club you'll find locally

If you do not find an official cashflow club in Perth or if you looked at all cashflow 101 clubs here without finding what you need, you can start one by yourself. Starting a cashflow club (or and home cashflow club) could be pretty simple. You can go through the following steps:

  1. Use your local paper to place ads.
  2. You will need a venue. You can use your house as the first-time venue. You can also consider the local library, coffee shop, or any place that is not crowded. You will need undisturbed attention to play the game.
  3. Initially, you can start with a small group of three to seven people. You will have to purchase theCashflow 101 to start the game.
  4. Once you will be able to satisfy the players and to create the space, you can consider a large venue. You will have to spend more for the large venue. Therefore, make sure that other members are contributing.
  5. Continue giving add on the local paper for the promotion and to get the attention of the more players. With more numbers, you will be able to create a better venue.
  6. You can consider a formal structure with the paid membership and committee when you think that you have a strong base and players rely on you more
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    and they will not hesitate to pay an amount for the membership.
  7. Once your club will get the desired success, you can consider adding it to the list of the worldwide clubs on the Rich Dad website. It will help you to find more interested players in Perth. An online presence will also offer you more success.
  8. Use to setup and schedule your meetings

Playing a cashflow will be a lot of fun if you play it with the players with similar goal and expertise. If you are a beginner, you might need more practice to master the game and to enjoy it more! Have a good money making with Cashflow 101 Club!

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